Not only the good deeds of your family members but their bad acts also put you in the news headlines and the same goes for Debra Scibetta. She is best known for being the wife of American mobster Sammy Gravano. Let us tell you more details about Debra Scibetta.

In this article, we will talk about early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, children, personal life, education, and all other such details about Debra Scibetta.

Personal life

With the fact that Debra Scibetta is famous only because of her husband, her birth life details are still a secret to the public. From the names of her parents to her date of birth, you will hardly find information about anything.

If you talk about the love life of Debra Scibetta, she married Sammy Gravano in 1971 and they remained together for more than 25 years before finally separating in 1996. After this relationship, Debra Scibetta probably didn’t get into any other romantic relationship.

Parents and siblings

After knowing the fact that Debra Scibetta has not revealed any information about her family background, it does not come as a surprise that the names of her parents are secret to the public. The same goes for Debra Scibetta’s siblings as well. It is not confirmed whether or not Debra Scibetta has any siblings.


Through her 25 years long married life, Debra Scibetta welcomed two lovely kids and their names are Gerard Gravano and Karen Gravano. Apart from the names, you will not find any information about her children because they live extremely private life.

Education and profession

Like many other life details of Debra Scibetta, her educational and professional details also remain a secret to the public. The stunning lady never bothers to talk about these things and this is the reason that they are still a mystery to the public. With the fact that she has been living her life on her own after her divorce, it can be said that she is definitely professionally active.

Reason for the popularity of Debra Scibetta

Hands down, the only reason for the popularity of Debra Scibetta is her husband, Sammy Gravano, who is a renowned mobster from America and is well-known around the world. Although Debra Scibetta is never seen with her husband when she was with him, she still grabbed the public eyeballs all because of being his wife.

Net worth of Debra Scibetta

Since no information is available about the profession of Debra Scibetta, how can you have an idea about her earnings and net worth? However, we do believe that Debra Scibetta must be earning a good amount of money in her life because she had been living her life on her own after the divorce from her husband.


Although the husband of Debra Scibetta has not done anything good and is popular only for bad deeds, Debra Scibetta gets to enjoy stardom and publicity because of him. However, she doesn’t seem much interested in that because she maintains a private life.