Dave Navarro is a renowned rock star whose talent as a guitarist has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Beyond his musical accomplishments, Navarro’s love life has been a topic of fascination, characterized by three marriages and a current engagement. In this article, we delve into the timeline of Navarro’s marriages and engagements, shedding light on the influential women who have been part of his personal and professional journey.

Tania Goddard-Saylor – The First Wife

Tania Goddard-Saylor was the first woman to hold the title of Dave Navarro’s spouse. A celebrity makeup artist associated with iconic bands like Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, and Poison, Tania married Navarro in 1990 when he was still striving to achieve stardom with Jane’s Addiction. Their marriage was a rollercoaster ride, marked by substance abuse and conflicting lifestyles. Sadly, after three tumultuous years, the couple parted ways in 1993. Navarro later acknowledged his immaturity at the time, expressing remorse for causing pain to Tania, whom he regarded as a good person deserving of better.

Rhian Gittins – The Shortest Marriage

The briefest chapter in the tale of Dave Navarro’s marriages belonged to Rhian Gittins. The couple’s whirlwind romance led to a swift wedding in September 1994, just weeks after meeting at the Whisky in Los Angeles. However, their union was annulled a mere month later in October 1994, leaving behind a cloud of uncertainty regarding the exact reason for their split. Rhian Gittins, a Canadian-Welsh multi-talented woman, has explored careers as a model, actress, writer, and producer, making her a dynamic personality in her own right.

Carmen Electra – The Most Famous Wife

One of Dave Navarro’s most notable unions was with Carmen Electra, a model and actress who gained fame as a Playboy Playmate and a Baywatch star. Their paths crossed in 2000 when Electra hosted the MTV show Singled Out. The sparks flew instantly, and they embarked on a romantic journey that culminated in a lavish wedding on November 22, 2003. MTV captured their nuptials for the reality show ‘Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave. Despite their initial euphoria, their marriage faced challenges, leading to separation in 2006 and divorce in 2007. Citing irreconcilable differences, they chose separate paths while remaining amicable and supportive.

Vanessa DuBasso – The Current Fiancée

Presently, the woman holding the title of Dave Navarro’s fiancée is Vanessa DuBasso, an actress significantly younger than Navarro. Born on October 20, 1992, Vanessa has brought fresh energy and love into Navarro’s life. Their journey together began in 2017, and they got engaged in 2022. Vanessa DuBasso has made her mark in the entertainment industry with appearances in various TV shows and movies, alongside running her business of hand-painted original leather jackets. Their age gap of 23 years has not deterred their affection, as they share their love on social media, manifesting a sense of happiness and togetherness.


Dave Navarro’s love life has been a rollercoaster ride, punctuated by marriages and engagements with extraordinary women. Each chapter has shaped his personal growth and musical journey, leaving behind profound experiences and cherished memories. From Tania Goddard-Saylor, Rhian Gittins, and Carmen Electra to his current fiancée Vanessa DuBasso, these women have played significant roles in the life of the talented rock star. As Dave Navarro embraces love and new beginnings, his story continues to captivate and inspire, both on and off the stage.