He is the son of the actor Cedric Smith and the actress, Catherine Disher. Darcy was born to the couple in 1993 when Cedric Smith was 50 years old.

His Mother

Catherine Disher was born in Britain yet became a Canadian actress. The first movie that she played a role in was ‘The Vindicator’ which was released in 1986. She has worked in many different sectors of the entertainment industry including appearing in video games and cartoons and having roles in radio shows. One of her most distinctive roles was the role she played on the TV show ‘The Good Witch’. She has been enjoying the entertainment industry for more than 40 years. She has been passionate about the industry since she was young and credits the man who taught her theatre, Rodney Marriott, with inspiring her.

When she started working on animations, she was unsure if it was the type of work for her, however, she ended up loving working in the animation field. She worked on a ‘Beetlejuice’ cartoon as well as on the ‘Resident Evil 3’ video game as she discovered she loved working on animations and cartoons.

Catherine Disher is very selective with what she shares with the public due to this not much about her family is known. We know that her mother’s name was Martha and that her father was a psychiatrist. We do not know if she has any siblings, but we do know that she loves her son and that she takes pride in being a mother even if her son doesn’t step into the limelight.

His Father

Cedric Smith was born on the 21st of September 1943. Much like his ex-wife Catherine Disher he was born in England and moved to Canada at a young age. He chose to leave school and become a folk singer in 1961. When it was the year 1963 he had written songs that were performed and recorded. He performed in coffee shops, and during his breaks, he would read some of William Shakespeare’s works.

He played in a Canadian television series ‘Road to Avonlea’ for which he got an award in 1993, the same year his son was born. He portrayed the voice of Mentor on the Silver Surfer Series that sadly didn’t last very long.

Cedric Smith has a net worth of about 1.5 million U.S. dollars. After his divorce from the mother of his child Catherine Disher, Mr. Smith has not remarried, and it does not appear that he is currently dating anyone. He will be celebrating his 79th birthday in September of this year.

Darcy Montgomery Smith’s Career

Darcy has been very effective at escaping the press and paparazzi that no doubt comes automatically with the social standing of his parents, so there is not much information available on him. We know he has followed in his parents’ footsteps by showing an interest in voice acting. According to his mother, he tried to act on camera but did not enjoy it. Using his voice to portray a character is something he enjoys.