Properly completed, basement renovation can create a breathtaking living space. However, warns mistakes during remodeling could quickly turn into disasters if left unchecked – that’s why we spoke with interior designers and contractors to get their take on common mistakes in basement renovation. Keep reading for our top tips so that your renovation runs smoothly and gets you the basement of your dreams!

Moisture Protection

Proper moisture control is crucial to making a basement liveable, yet many remodelers make the mistake of overlooking this essential step in their redesign project. Doing so could lead to mold growth, damp walls and an unstable foundation – with moldy walls leading to damp walls and weak foundations as a result. The best way to combat moisture problems in a remodel would be working with an expert waterproofing specialist and installing proper insulation and flooring materials.

Failing to Provide Sufficient Can Lighting Basements can often be dark spaces, so it is vital that there is enough can lighting in order to brighten them up and make them more welcoming for visitors. Failing to Provide Sufficient Lighting offres

Not Obtaining a Building Permit

In most cities, permits are mandatory when undertaking any major basement renovation project, to ensure your work complies with regulations and is safe for you and others in the house. Without permission, any work completed could result in fines being levied against you or even having to be disassembled entirely if left incomplete.

Reducing Mechanicals in Visibility Although it can be tempting to bury your furnace and other mechanicals behind walls, this can be very dangerous. To be on the safe side, allow at least 2-3 feet of clearance around these devices as this provides easier access for repairs while saving on framing and drywall costs. Plus, with careful planning and design, these items can be made to look unobtrusive, giving the impression of a small basement to finish.