The late Soul Train creator, Don Cornelius has a granddaughter called Christina Marie Cornelius. Many people recognize the American media personality from creating the dance and music shows. Don Cornelius was the host of the show for almost three decades before selling it to MadVision Entertainment.

The TV show host and producer may be dead but his legacy continues through his grandchild. One of Don’s marriages led to the birth of a son, Tony Cornelius, who is now the father of the multitalented dancer, model, and athlete. How is Christina making her parents and grandparents proud? Read on here to find out.

Personal Life

Christina Marie Cornelius was born on the 22nd of March 1997. Her parents are Tony Cornelius and Amy Hunter. She is the child of two American media personalities. Her dad walks in the footsteps of his father. He is a soul producer. Amy Hunter is an actress and model. Like the rest of the family, she was also on the Soul Train dance and music show Soul train.

Christina’s parents met and fell in love with the set of Soul Train. They were both employees in the music and dance series. They tied the knot and later had a daughter, Christina Marie. However, for a reason that they never disclosed to the media, the couple divorced.

While their marriage may not have been successful, they brought to life one of the most amazing young ladies. She has an outstanding talent in academics, sports, and modeling. According to sources, she is and always has been an exceptional student.

Marie is passionate about athletics. According to reports from her school, her coaches and teachers always gushed about her performance. Reports indicate that she is a natural-born leader with extraordinary skills.

Education and Career

Christina Marie Cornelius went to Windward High School from 2011 to 2015. After that, she enrolled at Harvard University. Her major while at the university was Sociology while her minor was American Studies.

During her higher education experience at Harvard, Marie made some of the most outstanding accomplishments. She played for the Harvard Volleyball team. The volleyball player was a record holder for single-season block assists.

In addition, Marie received Ivy League Weekly awards for being the team’s captain at the Junior level. Among her many honors and awards at Harvard was the Harvard 2019 Mary G. Paget Prize. The accolade was rewarded to the student for making the greatest contributions to the women’s athletics team.

According to reports, Christina draws her motivation from her family. She specifically acknowledged her late grandfather’s role in the accomplishments she makes.

After graduating from Harvard, Christina began her modeling career. Her desire to learn know skills and gain novel experiences is what inspires the model. She works under the Click Modeling Agency. Her net worth is approximately 7.78 million dollars.

Social Media

Christina Marie Cornelius is on social media with a substantially growing fan base. She is on Instagram where she shares some vital details about her life. One of her most recent posts was a photo of herself. She was wearing a gray tank top, black sweat pants, and a pair of sneakers.

Final Thoughts

Christina is an only child whose parents are successful. They have showered her with love throughout her entire life. We hope she becomes an even better version of her parents in future.