Every tenant can welcome their family members and friends into their 2 bedroom townhomes for rent. According to Lyon Property Management in Woonsocket, tenants can allow guests to overstay during their tenancy, such as parents, for a family vacation or spend the weekend with an old friend. Some rental agreements don’t address the number of days guests can stay in a rented townhouse. Read on to find out if you can have visitors in your rented townhouse:

What’s the Difference Between a Tenant and a Guest?

The main difference between a guest and a tenant is that the tenant is listed on the lease while the guest is not. According to the lease, tenants are usually responsible for paying rent, covering utility bills, preventing property damage, and responding to the landlord if necessary. A guest is not traditionally bound contractually by the lease agreement. They can become a liability if they start behaving like a tenant and are not in reality.

Guests are visitors who often stay with the tenant for a short period. If a guest sets up residency on the property without the landlord’s permission, problems may arise. Their behavior is reflected on the tenant and could affect their lease. Occupants living in 2 bedroom townhomes for rent should be on the lease. If not, the tenant or landlord will not be legally accountable for them.

Signs of Guests Who Have Turned Into Tenants

It becomes apparent that a guest has turned into a tenant if they are: 

  • Making maintenance requests
  • Moving in
  • Getting mail at your house 
  • Spending each night at the house 
  • Helping to pay rent while living there 
  • Parking their car at the residence

If that’s the case, they have already established residency in your rented townhome without your approval. State laws vary concerning this issue; consider researching the topic further and check the local laws. 

Can I Include a Long-term Guest in the Lease?

Adult occupants should be included in the lease. Asking current tenants to include new guests in the lease helps avoid future legal problems. Landlords can renegotiate the terms and conditions with the new tenant before including them on the lease. If the guest or tenant objects to the changes to the lease, the landlord could give the original tenant a lease termination notice. To prevent any unfortunate outcome, the landlord should provide an honest conversation regarding the law with the tenant to make them aware of their duties from the start of the tenancy.

How Can Tenants and Landlords Maintain a Healthy Relationship?

The relationship between the tenant and the landlord should be transparent. If there are any concerns, they should be agreed upon and outlined before getting into the tenancy agreement. As a tenant, it’s recommended to follow the terms of the agreement and inform the landlord if any guests or family members intend to stay for long durations. A cordial relationship with the landlord and respect for the neighbors help maintain a healthy relationship. Tenants have the right to live with their close family members and spouses.

Unless it’s written in the lease, you don’t have to let the landlord know whenever you have guests over for a short time. The lease agreement should include a clause concerning long-term guests if your friends or relatives stay in the rented townhouse for long. If there is plenty of room, this is usually fine. The size of the townhome will usually determine the number of guests or visitors permitted. If the townhome is too small, it can cause problems, such as noise and overcrowding. As the tenant, it’s your responsibility for their behavior. Make sure that they do not cause damage to the property or become a nuisance to the neighbors.

Choose the Right 2 Bedroom Townhomes for Rent

Before renting out a townhome, inquire about the terms and conditions of having guests or visitors. Gathering this information in advance will help you choose a property that aligns with your needs. Find a reliable real estate management company to help you identify the 2 bedroom townhomes for rent fit for you and your family. Consider a full-service property management team that provides a digitally rendered video that shows the gallery and floor plans. You will learn the specific setup of the townhomes for rent to understand the structure and layout of the space.