Knee osteoarthritis is an unfortunate condition that can cause a level of extreme discomfort in one’s daily routine. Walking, running, and simply being active becomes a challenging task if the problem isn’t taken under control on time. But, as a matter of fact, this issue can spread not only on the knee joints. No, people may experience discomfort in their joints in the hips, hands, and even shoulders. Here, we would like to discuss the last point and the way one of the most popular injectables for joint pain relief – Euflexxa – can help with shoulder joints. Don’t deprive yourself of a comfortable and painless life – visit a doctor’s office if something is bothering you. There’s always a solution that can help with various conditions.

Is Euflexxa Good for Chronic Shoulder Pain?

Euflexxa belongs to intra-articular injections for instant pain relief and improvement in one’s quality of life. Typically, it’s prescribed when people maintain pain medication doses for a long time, which eventually stops showing decent effectiveness. As Euflexxa is a prescription drug, it cannot be purchased over the counter without a valid medical prescription from a doctor. However, Euflexxa injection cost and pricing options can be discussed during the consultation to pick the most beneficial variation according to one’s needs and budget.

As for the product’s suitability for shoulders, it can be used for this area if it’s safe for a patient. For example, those with the trial shoulder inflammation cannot have Euflexxa injected as it can worsen the condition. However, if a doctor approves this treatment, hyaluronic acid injectables can reduce joint swelling, painful sensations during movement, and other arthritis-related complications. The dose may be changed with time to fulfill one’s requests and reach desired results. The amount of recommended medication dose varies based on numerous factors, including a patient’s age, the severity of the condition, the results of previous treatments, and other essentials. So, once again, we would like to emphasize the importance of face-to-face consultation and examination in the doctor’s office.

Euflexxa – an Effective Addition to a Physical Therapy

Euflexxa is often referred to as a synthetic copy of hyaluronan, similar to the substance found naturally in synovial joint fluid. It must be administered directly into the joint, acting like a lubricant and a protective cushion layer in the target area. The product can fulfill various tasks, including:

  • Lubricant and shock absorption;
  • Provide analgetic properties;
  • Putting in some anti-inflammatory actions;
  • Protecting residual cartilage in the joint;
  • Stimulating of a natural joint fluid production.

This product works for numerous target areas, including hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, wrist, elbow, etc. Euflexxa is typically recommended for patients with a pain intensity score of 5 or higher. Three injections should be administered approximately one to two weeks apart. A doctor must supervise the process and use sterile instruments to reduce the chances of infections spreading in the target area. It’s highly recommended to avoid strenuous activities for at least two days after the treatment to let Euflexxa settle properly between the joints. As for longevity, eight weeks is the average effectiveness period after the first session; however, if three administration sessions are scheduled properly, the product can reduce pain for six months.

Safety Information: Side Effects and Contraindications

As with all the injectables for joint and muscle pain, Euflexxa’s limitations and adverse reactions should be discussed with a specialist to ensure a patient has a clear understanding of the procedure they are about to undergo.

First of all, contraindications must be discussed beforehand to understand whether Euflexxa is a safe option for one’s shoulder treatment. So, keep in mind the following points:

  • The history of allergies related to any Euflexxa’s components;
  • Skin infection around the target spot;
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Other limitations should be mentioned individually during the treatment planning to ensure a safe customer experience during the process.

As for the side effects, the chances of severe complications are low due to safe components in the product’s ingredient list. However, we should warn you about a few points:

  • Temporal joint swelling or stiffing;
  • Bruising and mild pain in the administration spot;
  • Increased sensitivity in the target area.

All of those should fade away a few days after the injection session. If not, or if a person experiences any adverse reaction worsening, a doctor should be informed about it immediately to avoid the chances of severe complications. Still, the chances of it happening are very low, so don’t be too anxious and go ahead with your painless activities!

To Sum Up the Discussion

Euflexxa is an excellent injectable for arthritis pain relief. It can help with various target regions, shoulder joints being one of them. As the gel is administered between joints, it creates a protective cushion between them, so the movement is not disturbed by unpleasant sensations and discomfort. This option is recommended to those who don’t find simple pain medications helpful anymore; it also works better if combined with physical therapy (the right plan should be created together with a medical professional). If the treatment is performed according to all the safety rules and proper techniques, the effect should last up to six months, and it can be easily continued with timely, scheduled follow-up appointments. Always talk to a doctor if there are any questions about the product or the procedure – they should explain all the treatment nuances to you. Thanks for reading, and be safe!