Brandon Joseph Grandalski is the second born of the four children of Matlin. Brandon was born in September 2000, making him twenty-one years old. Bandon Joseph Grandalski has grown into a handsome young man, and he has a Twitter account where he mostly posts about football, her mother’s stuff, and motivational quotes.

Brandon Joseph Grandalski’s Siblings

Brandon Joseph Grandalski has three siblings, the second born in a family of four children. Sarah Rose Grandalski is the firstborn in the family, and she was on January 1996, the same day an episode of Picket Fences was aired in which Brandon Joseph’s mother’s character Laurie Bey also gave birth.

Brandon Joseph’s sister Sarah Rose loves to post pictures of her fashion taste and the books she reads. Sarah Rose is that character in the family that attended every show with her father. Moreover, Sarah Rose gives her mother encouragement when she is down.

Tyler Daniel Grandalski is another Brandon Joseph sibling, the third born in the family. Tyler Daniel was born in July 2002, and Matlin was 36 years old when Tyler was born. The last sibling of Brandon Joseph Grandalski is Isabelle Jane, who was born in December 2003

Brandon Joseph Grandalski’s Mother

Marlene Matlin, an award-winning American actress, is the mother of Brandon Joseph Grandalski. Marlene Matlin has won the hearts of her fans after her roles in the International Center of Deafness and the Arts children’s theater of the Wizards of Oz.

Merlene started her acting career at a young age when she portrayed Dorothy in an International Center on Deafness and the Arts children’s theatre of the Wizard of OZ. Brandon Joseph Grandalski’s mother is very hardworking, and her continuous work in TV and film has earned her four Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe.

Besides acting and raising her voice for the deaf, she is a talented author and has written some best-selling books like Nobody’s Perfect and Leading Ladies. Moreover, the net worth of Brandon Joseph Grandalski’s mother is estimated to be $11 million as of 2019. Her acting contributes to her wealth, and she gets around $3 million salary as an actress.

Merlene Matlin’s Early Life

Brandon Joseph’s mother, Merlene Matlin, was born on August 965 in Morton Grove, Illinois, United States. Her father is an automobile dealer, and Merlene and her siblings were raised by Donald Matlin and Libby Hammer in a reform Jewish household.

Brandon Joseph Grandalski’s mother lost her hearing at eighteen months because of a high fever and illness. Merlene graduated from John Hersey High School and then went to Harper College.

Brandon Joseph Grandalski’s Father

Kevin Grandalski is the father of Brandon Joseph. Brandon’s father is a Burbank police officer, and he met Brandon’s mother when he was o duty at a filming scene. Kevin Grandalski was assigned to provide security to the filming crew, and it was love at first sight when they met.

The couple fell in love and exchanged vows on 29 August 1993. Brandon Joseph Grandalski’s parents were blessed with four children.