Ayiana Frey’s Childhood

Ayiana Frey was born in 2001 to Amber Frey, who gained national attention for her role in the Scott Peterson murder trial. Ayiana grew up in California with her mother and younger brother Justin Markovich. As a child, Ayiana lived a relatively normal life despite the media frenzy surrounding her mother’s involvement in the high-profile case.


Ayiana’s mother, Amber Frey, was born in 1975 in Los Angeles, California. She gained national attention in 2002 when her boyfriend, Scott Peterson, was accused of murdering his wife and their unborn child. Frey played a crucial role in the case, providing key evidence that helped convict Peterson.

Ayiana’s father is not publicly known, and it is unclear if he played a role in her upbringing.


Ayiana has one younger brother, Justin Markovich. He was born in 2006, after Amber’s marriage to Robert Hernandez.


Ayiana’s grandparents are Brenda and Ron Frey. but they played a role in Ayiana’s upbringing alongside her mother.

More About Ayiana Frey

Despite her family’s high-profile history, Ayiana Frey has managed to keep a low profile. Little is known about her personal life, but she appears to be close with her mother and brother. It is unclear if she has any relationship with her biological father.

While Ayiana may have faced some challenges growing up with the media scrutiny surrounding her family, she has managed to maintain a relatively private life. As she continues to navigate adulthood, it will be interesting to see what path she chooses for her own career and personal interests.