Amaris Jayne Billington is the daughter of British wrestler Thomas Billington famously known by his ring name Dynamite Kid. She was born as the middle child to the wrestler and his first wife, Michelle Smadu; her other siblings are Bronwyne Billington and Marek Thomas Billington. Amaris celebrates her birthday on April 14 every year, and she is in her thirties.

Personal Life

Amaris Jayne Billington is married to Dan Slonski; however, she had not disclosed when they started dating or married. But they have been a couple for some time. Amaris is a mother of one child, a daughter named Taya Jewel, who she loves and is proud to be her mother.

Education and Career

Amaris Jayne Billington is probably educated up to college, given her family’s financial stability. Besides, her younger brother Marek graduated in 2018 with honors in Technical Civil Engineering. Amaris has also not revealed what she does to earn a living; she has kept such details to herself.

Her Father

Amaris Jayne’s father was born into a family that cherished boxing/wrestling; one of his family members, James Billington, was a wrestler. Dynamite Kid started his professional wrestling career in 1975 and was trained by Dr. Death, a former wrestler. He played a few matches, winning some and losing others.

In 1977, Amaris Jayne’s father won the British Lightweight and Welterweight titles the following year. Dynamite Kid later left the UK for Canada and joined Stampede Wrestling, where he had a significant impact. In the late 1970s, Amaris Jayne’s father went for his Japan tour wrestling under International Pro-Wresting.

In the early 1980s, Amaris’s father wrestled under several promotion brands before joining the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 1984. He partnered with Davey Boy Smith to form The British Bulldogs tag teams. He left WWF in 1988 and returned to Stampede wrestling. Amaris Jayne’s father retired in 1996 after a successful wrestling career.

Personal Life and Death of Amaris’ Father

Amaris’s father was married twice; he first married Michelle Smadu in 1982; they had three kids and divorced in 1991. Dynamite Kid then married a lady named Dot and became her three sons’ stepfather. They were still together when he died.

Upon retiring from professional wrestling, Amaris Jayne’s father started having health issues resulting from injuries he suffered during wrestling. He lost the ability to walk and was confined to a chair. Besides, Amaris’s father had heart problems and suffered a stroke in 2013, five years before his death.

He and other retired wrestlers filed a lawsuit against WWE, but it was dismissed. Amaris’s father died on December 5, 2018, aged 60, due to heart and other health complications.

Social Media

Amaris Jayne Billington is active on social media, particularly on Instagram. She has a private account on Instagram, whose handle is @amarisjayne, and one has to follow her to view her posts. However, her mother, who is also active on Instagram, likes posting pictures of her family members, including Amaris, whom she wished a happy birthday on April 14, 2018.