For centuries people around the world have worn jewelry. Whether it has been given as a gift or worn as some kind of symbol, it continues to enhance appearances and make a statement. Different cultures adopt different styles and items which make them recognizable at first glance, while men and women of the western world often look for items that stand out as pieces of real beauty.

A piece of jewelry is often offered as a mark of affection between two partners, sometimes as a bond to unite them in matrimony, while others look to purchase stunning creations as a wise investment. Whether used to enhance an overall look or to signify something, one of the styles which continue to be immensely popular is invisible setting jewelry.

  • Invisible setting is of a high complexity, which only specialist jewelerscan master. The technique is sometimes passed down through the generations of a family, as the mysterious say of setting precious stones without a claw or any visible metal, offers items of ultimate jewelry which remain in great demand. Only the best jewelers can offer such items, as so few craftsmen have the skills to provide them. Up to 8 hours are required to cut each stone, which exemplifies just how much skill and precision is required throughout the process.
  • Rather than obvious claws or metal fixings, the secret lies in utilising a rail system, which while keeping them in place also enhances the brilliance of the stone and often makes them look larger. The carefully honed technique also looks to perfect the layout without leaving any gaps to create the best appearance. Alternatively, there are other connoisseurs who may prefer to make a fashion statement by wearing gold jewelry.
  • By accentuating their reflections, the brilliance of each stone is magnified, which creates the impression that they are larger than their actual size. Shapes can be adapted to suit many styles through invisible setting especially when positioned alongside each other. Light is exalted to create the magnification which set out those jewelerswho can perform the technique apart from other houses.
  • The stones sit in perfect balance, thanks to the skills of the jewelerwho refines every cut and groove. Invisible settings can often be a closely guarded secret by those in the profession, so that the highest quality is maintained. Because of the time and skill that it takes to create an item of great beauty, only the very best materials and stones will be used, perhaps rubies or sapphires. Maybe a visit to an ancient city museum might reveal some interesting history.
  • The stones are likely to be important from places known for only having the best, such as Burma or Madagascar. Leading jewelerswill invite their customers to check out the stones so that they can see their quality before they are used in creating their ideal item.

Invisible setting jewelry continues to entice those who love beauty and the magic that is provided by a special technique that very few can master.