Alice Betty Stern, the only daughter of a well-known German silver merchant conglomerate, became a banker and owner of her husband’s bank after his demise. Born with a sliver spoon in a very well to do family, Alice Betty Stern lived a very fulfilling life with her spouse and four children. To know more about Alice Betty Frank née Stern, keep on reading this article.

Memorable Life Of Alice Betty Stern

Augustus Heinrich Stern and his wife Cornelia Elisabeth Stern née Cahn welcomed their sole child Alice Betty Stern on December 20, 1865, in Frankfurt, Germany. Hailing from a Jewish family, Alice’s father was a dealer in silver-plated merchandise in Germany. Alice walked down the aisle with fellow Jewish German Michael Frank and said “I, Do” in the year 1885.

Stern and her partner spent the next 14 years in a blissful marriage before Frank’s sudden passing. Even after her late husband’s demise, Alice Betty Frank née Stern didn’t break down but remained strong for her four children. Alice started managing Michael’s business and raised her kids singlehanded. Stern followed her husband to grave after more than 43 years of his death on March 20, 1953. Alice Betty Stern was buried in her final resting place by her remaining family in Basel, Germany.

Family Of Alice Betty Stern

Alice Betty Stern’s late husband Michael Frank, born on October 9th, 1851, was 14 years his wife’s senior. Michael Frank was a banker who founded his own bank “The Michael Frank Bank.” Frank passed away in the year 1909 on September 17th. Michael Frank’s wife, Alice Betty Stern, inherited the bank after her husband untimely death.

Alice Betty Stern operated her late spouse’s bank for two and a half decades before closing it down in 1933. Mr. and Mrs. Frank had four children, 3 sons and a daughter. Robert Frank who came into this world on October 9th, 1886, was the eldest of Alice Betty Stern’s four children. Otto Frank and Herbert Frank soon came into this world after their eldest brother Robert. Helene Frank was Alice Stern’s only daughter and her youngest child.

Other facts about Alice Betty Stern

Growing up, Alice was exposed to the world of business and learned valuable skills that would serve her well throughout her life. After her marriage, Alice became Michael’s devoted wife and partner in business. Michael was a successful investment banker, and together, the couple built a life of love and success.

When Michael started his own bank, “The Michael Frank Bank,” Alice played an essential role in the bank’s success. As the chief financial officer, Alice oversaw the bank’s operations and ensured that everything ran smoothly.

After Michael’s demise, Alice was determined to honor his legacy and continue his work. She took over as the CEO of “The Michael Frank Bank” and worked tirelessly to ensure that the bank continued to thrive. Alice was a talented and dedicated leader, and under her guidance, the bank grew even more successful.


In conclusion, Alice Betty Stern was a remarkable woman who lived a life filled with love, success, and tragedy. She was a devoted wife, a loving mother, and a talented businesswoman who made a significant impact in the banking world. Alice’s strength, determination, and dedication to her family and her work will always be remembered and honored.