The earliest cars didn’t have heaters. Passengers were required to use blankets or hot water bottles to stay warm in the car. Although heaters were introduced to cars by 1930s, they were inefficient. It could take up to 20 minutes to heat up the interior of the car. Thankfully, modern cars have better HVAC systems. It’s much easier to maintain a temperate climate in your car, regardless of the weather. If your car heater breaks down or is weak, you may be looking for options. A portable car heater offers many benefits.

The Convenience & Energy Efficiency

A portable car heater offers quick heating capability on very cold mornings. This accessory is portable but powerful. You can also use your car heater to keep your windshield warmer to avoid fog build-up on the road. Many car heaters operate as a cooling fan in the summer, giving you even more options for use. Most portable car heaters just plug into your dashboard, so there’s no wiring problems. You get quick heat without having to increase your fuel costs.


Portable car heaters will cost less than installing an entirely new heating system in your car. If your heater is not putting out enough heat, this accessory can be a stopgap measure to let you get through the cold winter without investing in a new vehicle right away. You can be assured that your passengers will be comfortable in the car. Most car heaters are mounted on the dashboard, but there are some that can be placed anywhere in the car’s interior to get heat where it’s needed.

Selecting the Right Portable Car Heater

When buying a car heater, you’ll need to consider four main things:

Type – there are many types of car heaters you can find, but the safest is the 12V that runs off your car’s battery. Portable propane heaters come with a higher risk of fire in an enclosed space.

Power – how much power is required to run the heater? A 12V heater is great in a smaller vehicle, but if you have an SUV or truck, you may need more power to heat up the space.

Size – the portable heater should fit on your dashboard without blocking your view. It should also be fairly lightweight.

Compatibility – most portable heaters use the lighter port in your car. If your car doesn’t have that feature, you’ll need to make sure you can get an inverter kit for the heater to draw power to it.

Once you consider those basic elements, you can look at other features of the heater. Some heaters have auto-shut-off protection or cooling fans that can be used in other seasons. You can find heaters that work as handheld devices or for camping heat, in addition to being used in the car. Think about where you take your car that you need extra heat in the winter to determine what features you want. Find solutions to your car’s problems when you search for car heating options.