There are more people shopping online than ever, and if you have ridden this wave so far you will want to make the most of it. This will involve making some improvements to your business to cope with the extra sales and the profits they will bring. The problem here, of course, is that you might not know where to start, or maybe you are too close to the business to see which areas need to be improved.

This needn’t be difficult, and you are likely to get the best results by concentrating your efforts into two distinct areas. Read on to find out more.

1. Invest time and effort in your website

Your website is your storefront and if this is not up to standard you are leaving money on the table. For this reason, you should never scrimp on improvements here, and that includes trying to make any changes yourself. For example:

  • Get experts to design or revamp your site: it’s likely that your website will need updating or possibly rebuilding from the ground up. You might need to migrate to using Shopify, and to do that effectively you’ll need to get the experts involved. Using (or a similar specialist) will mean that you are getting a premium service and giving yourself the best chance possible of success.
  • Look at reasons for cart abandonment: while you are doing this you might find that Shopify can help with other areas like looking at the number of abandoned carts and prompting customers to finish their purchase. This act alone can increase your bottom line dramatically, even if only a small number of customers follow through.

2. Improve dispatch times

With next-day delivery becoming a customer expectation, if you want to take your store up a notch you will need to improve your current shipping options. This can involve communication as well as speed, to boost customer experience:

  • Offer different shipping options: as well as your standard shipping option, also offer a premiumnext-day service—at an extra cost of course. That way, any customers that were leaving a purchase half finished because it wouldn’t arrive for 3–5 days are now catered for.
  • Introduce package tracking: in addition, if you don’t already, allow customers to track their shipmentsfrom the moment you dispatch them. Because customers can see where their package is at all times, they are more likely to feel in control and have peace of mind that it will get to them on time.

Final thoughts

Having a moderately successful eCommerce business is not easy, but taking it up a notch is harder still. You need to think about different areas of your business and consider two of the biggest if you are going to turn enough heads to increase your revenue.

Engaging experts to cast an eye over your website and improve it is a must, and offering tracking and premium services for shipping will also need to be high on your to-do list. This provides an excellent starting point from which you can introduce further tweaks to boost your business.