Are you already thinking about your 2024 home redesign? So are we. As incredible as it seems, 2023 is almost gone. It was a great year for house interior design – TikTok and Instagram even left their mark in the industry observes Pro X Swain Group Management team. But as we say goodbye to this year, we also farewell some trends and welcome new ones. Now, the question on every home design enthusiast’s lips is, “What’s new on the menu?” Let’s find out.

A spin on maximalism

It seems we will be saying goodbye to the unattainable and unsustainable level of minimalism last decade trends brought upon us. While minimalism won’t disappear – we can still get the many advantages this trend provides – interior design will gravitate toward maximalism. Does that mean objects piling in and overdoing decoration? Not at all. Maximalism comes with a spin. Fairview Custom Homes, custom home builders South Carolina, tells us this trend is all about making your space feel lived-in, fun, and personal. 

Sustainability is here to stay

As some trends go, others are here to stay. More than a trend, adopting sustainable, eco-friendly designs has become a conscious, collective decision among designers and clients. And it’s expected that environmentally friendly choices continue to have an impact on home interior design way further than 2024. This growing trend prioritizes utilizing renewable and recycled materials, such as wood and stone, which cause significantly less environmental harm than their synthetic counterparts. Sustainable design also includes energy-friendly concepts to reduce energy consumption. The goal is to adopt environmentally responsible design practices.

Statement floors

Floors have always been relegated to the bottom of the interior design list. Don’t get us wrong; flooring – from type and texture to color and material – is a crucial interior design feature. Some people spend days or weeks deciding between different floor patterns or styles. But in 2024, floors are coming to make a statement: we are here, and we matter. Prepare to see a growing tendency on patterned stone or marble floors, with custom setouts to create a universe of colors and textures. In the same area, we must mention that rugs are also coming strong this next year. If you don’t feel like modifying your floors, you can use eye-catching rug designs to bring more life to your floors. 

Personality through objects

As mentioned, we are slowly turning from extreme minimalism to some levels of maximalism. That gives you the power to include personal objects that give your home a unique touch. Unarguably, this will be one of the biggest trends of 2024. Designers must discover what makes their clients happy and inspires and motivates them and use that knowledge to create each design. The demand for personalized design themes will be on the rise this year. Each corner of your house must be a direct expression of your passions, lifestyle, and taste. 

Warm color palette

2024 is leaning toward warm and soft colors. We can expect to see warm whites, browns, soft yellow, terracotta, green, red, and purple. However, color experts agree that the color that will reign supreme will be blue. Benjamin Moore is launching Blue Nova as its color of the year – a dark blue, bordering purple. Blue tends to be a cold color, but the hint of violet takes this shade to a new level, a warmer one. We expect to see Blue Nova in the most elegant designs this year. 

A rule that is out is using a single hue for a room. Layered color schemes are what comes in. Purposeful and considered color combinations is where the action will be. While warmer colors will stick out, experts confirm we will see a dynamic combination of warm and cool tones to create elevated designs. 

Natural materials will reign 

This trend comes hand-in-hand with the sustainable, eco-friendly move that will continue to take over the design industry. Materials and pieces with the planet and environment front of mind have been on trend for a while, and they are here to stay. Designers will begin to include more recycled materials, such as wood, glass, marble, and fabrics, in their creations. These choices will bring the beauty of nature into our homes, which, combined with botanical elements and cozy lighting, create the perfect serene atmosphere. 

Final words

These are 6 of the upcoming interior design trends for 2024. While some styles may change drastically, others will stay the same. Conscious and environmentally friendly designs and materials are only on the rise. On the other hand, new trends are introducing maximalism, but with a spin, and we won’t quite say goodbye to minimalism yet. But one thing is sure: this new year brings new and exciting trends to work with and elevate your home design.