Have you always looked forward to owning your feline companion?

Or maybe you’re that person who enjoys sitting and boarding cats when their owners are indisposed?

Are things taking quite the turn because the Moggies in your life do not share the same enthusiasm?

Perhaps they hiss, scratch, bite and avoid you at all costs?

If this sounds like you, then unfortunately, your cat does not like you.

Heartbreaking, yes!

But luckily, there is a way to fix this situation which will make you your feline’s best friend.

But before jumping into the steps to get your cat to like you, here are a few catitudes that prove your cat does not like you:

  • Hissing, growling, biting, scratching and digging their nails into your flesh

  • Lowered and stretched out tail

  • Puffed tail fur alongside flattened ears

  • Wagging of the tail in a whipping fashion

Now, to the steps to get your feline companion to like you:

A little more petting

Bonding with your cat is the fastest way to have them fall in love with you. Frequently petting your cats and playing with them – especially using toys from sites like Mellowed Cats – will get them accustomed to your touch and your company. However, avoid petting your feline’s stomach except when it is willingly exposed – and still at that, proceed with caution as some cats may interpret it as a threat.

Less hovering and more alone time

Cats like their me time and appreciate it when their human friends respect this. Forcing play and bonding time when your cat wants to chill by themselves, groom, eat and drink or take one of their numerous cat naps may earn you a spot in their bad books.

Treats on you 

Randomly give your cat their favourite treats and snacks and encourage them to feed right from your hands. Everyone warms up to gifts of their favourite stuff, and this is a trick that will turn the sassiest hiss to a lovely purr. This step will surely work wonders on scared and anxious sheltered cats that use aggression as a defence mechanism.

Be approachable

Your moggie will keep a distance if you are always not approachable. When your cat wants to snuggle, cuddle, sit on your lap or be around you, indulge it. This way, it gets comfortable with being in your presence and will come to accept you as a friend and like you.

Avoid threatening your cats

When your feline views you as a threat, it will become defensive and withdraw from you. One way to ensure your cat doesn’t view you as a threat is by being gentle when picking them up or positioning yourself to your cat’s height when playing so they do not view you as a threat.

And if after you have done all you can to get your cat to like you but it still happens to be distant and distrusting, wait it out. Doing all these steps and exercising adequate patience will work the wonders you seek to see.