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Take the writing out of baby care

Whether your hands are full changing a diaper or because you're nursing, Amazon Alexa can hear you from across the room. Keeping a baby journal has never been easier.

Record your baby’s feedings, diapers, sleep, milestones, and more with the BlueSmart Skill for Amazon Alexa. Enjoy the perks of a Smart Nursery.


Getting Started

After you have downloaded the Amazon Alexa app and signed into your Amazon account,

you can easily enable the BlueSmart Skill.

Getting Started
Enable the skill

Open the Alexa app or go to Amazon.com. Search for BlueSmart Baby Tracker and Logbook under "Skills". Enable the skill.

Link your account

Enter your BlueSmart Account username and password.

Speak with Alexa

Tell Alexa to record your baby's nursings, bottles, diapers, sleep...

What You Can Say

Start by saying, "Alexa, open BlueSmart"

"Add a dirty diaper"

"Add a six ounce bottle feeding"

"Add a 30 minute sleep"

"Add a four ounce pumping"

"Add a meal for Aiden"

"Add a weight measurement"

"Add a milestone"

"Add a 20 minute nursing"

"Add a 26 inch height measurement"

"Start nursing for Aiden"

"Start bottle feeding"

"Start sleeping"

"Pause nursing"

"End sleep for Aiden"

"Cancel bottle feeding"

"Summary of the day"

"Diaper summary for Aiden"

"Feeding summary"

"Sleep summary"

"Nursing summary"

"Bottles in the last week"

"Nursings today"

"Sleep in the last month"

"Meals yesterday"

"Milestones today"

"Next diaper change?"

"When is the next bottle feeding?"

"Next sleep for Aiden?"

"Next pumping?"