How Long Until Formula Goes Bad?

When considering food safety, feeding baby with infant formula can sometimes be a daunting task. We have to consider the formula’s temperature, amounts to feed, measurements and how long the formula will last. Everything will come together and you’ll quickly become a pro at preparing your baby’s bottles! Let’s go over the safety measures you should take for determining how long until your baby’s prepared formula will go bad.

Every parent has a preference as to how they prefer to prepare their baby’s formula. You can prepare mixed formula in advance and store it in the fridge or prepare each bottle as baby needs it. Either way there are procedures that you should consider as you craft your formula routine. 

Preparing in advance

If you prefer to premix your baby’s formula you can prepare it up to 24 hours in advance. You can use a formula mixing pitcher like this one to store your formula in the fridge. This specific pitcher holds up to 4 bottles of formula at a time. This method may help you speed up feeding prep time when baby is hungry.

You can also choose to buy ready-to-feed or concentrate formula. When the containers are opened these formula types are good for up to 48 hours in the fridge. These formulas are super convenient to prepare but tend to be more expensive. 

Preparing as baby is hungry

You may prefer to mix formula as baby is hungry. If baby ends up not being hungry or you want to prepare a bottle for an outing because you know baby will be hungry soon, do not allow the bottle to stay at room temperature for more than one hour. After an hour, put the bottle in the fridge or throw it out. The bottle can last in the fridge for 24 hours.

If baby starts a bottle but doesn’t finish it, don’t save the formula. Bacteria can easily grow in the bottle after baby has started drinking it. 

To avoid throwing out bottles while out running errands with baby, don’t premix your bottles. Keep the water and formula separate. You can use a formula dispenser like this to hold formula and a thermos to hold warm water. 

You can use your BlueSmart mia's timer feature to know when your formula needs to be thrown out. It’s always helpful to have one less thing to worry about in this busy life as a new parent! 


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