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Best Gas Eliminating Bottles for Baby

Best Gas Eliminating Bottles for Baby

One of the most asked questions surrounding bottle-feeding is “what are the best gas eliminating bottles?” There are so many options on the market and pretty much all of them claim to help eliminate gas, hiccups, and general belly discomfort. Gas affects both bottle-feeding and breast-feeding babies; however, bottles do tend to create more gas, and as such, many parents want a collection of bottles that don’t make their baby’s tummy expand or make them miserable! There are few things to look for when shopping for gas-eliminating bottles. Knowing specific features of bottles reduce gas after each feeding makes it easier to wade through the aisles, both physical and virtual, of countless bottles.

In order to make the smartest purchase when it comes to investing in gas-eliminating bottles, look for the following characteristics: the shape of the bottle should allow the milk to drain easily toward the nipple with minimum bubbles, the nipple should be the right flow speed for the baby-so the size matters, and extra features such as straws and liners should physically eliminate excess air.

Notice if liquid pools at the lip/rim of the bottle and doesn’t easily leave the nipple. This means that air is trapped and baby is sucking that air! Wider nipples are great choices in bottles that don’t have a straw or liner system. Gas-eliminating bottles don’t necessarily need to have the straws/liners, but if they don’t, the shape and feel of the entire bottle, including the nipple needs to mimic the breast so that the flow of liquid and the baby’s sucking pattern is effortless. Make sure the flow of the nipple is appropriate for the baby’s age. Younger babies need slower flows, while older babies need faster flows. Both drinking with too much work and drinking with no work can cause babies to have gas. If choosing a bottle with straws and liners, ensure that they actually reduce air by acting as a vent.

There are plenty of bottles with all of the above features! Our favorites include: Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow, Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic, and Comotomo Natural Feel. Dr. Brown’s bottles are a great choice with an internal venting system and smaller nipple. These bottles have been at the forefront for parents looking for anti-gas bottles and they deliver. They were developed and patented by a doctor and all bottles are BPA free and have received much acclaim for the past two decades. Tommee Tippees Advanced Anti-Colic bottle is a newer bottle with pretty neat features as well. It has a straw that draws air out of the milk and is heat sensitive! It also has a star vent that disallows milk to return to the bottle. These bottles have wide nipples for babies who are combo fed and are very easy to hold. Lastly, and especially great for mostly breastfed babies, the Comotomo Natural Feel is a “squishy” silicone bottle that closely mimics the breast in feel and flow meaning that gas is eliminated. This bottle also has dual air vents to further reduce gas. Many have said that this bottle is great to have on hand if you are rarely using bottles!

Remember that a gassy baby is bound to happen, however, the type of bottle you use can make a difference. When looking for gas-eliminating bottles, keep the above tips in mind!

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