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Frequently Asked Questions



What can BlueSmart mia help me do?

Which age is BlueSmart mia suitable for?

What is included?

How does BlueSmart mia work?

What baby bottles are compatible with BlueSmart mia?

Where is BlueSmart mia designed and produced?

Can I give my BlueSmart mia to others when my baby outgrows the device?

Can I use several BlueSmart mia devices for my baby? Can one device be used by several babies? Can I manage feeding data of several babies in one BlueSmart app?

What is the story behind this product?

Safety and Security

Is BlueSmart mia safe for babies?

Is BlueSmart mia radiation safe?

How do I wash BlueSmart mia? Is it waterproof?

Where is BlueSmart mia's feeding data saved? What precautions are there for data security?

Why isn't a power converter included with BlueSmart mia?

Is BlueSmart mia suitable for breastfed babies?

Are there any requirements for my baby's formula brand?

Ordering, Shipping, and Returns

How do I place an order?

What countries does BlueSmart mia ship to?

How do I track my order?

How do I cancel/edit my order?

What kind of payments do you accept?

What are BlueSmart mia's return, exchange and refund policies?

What items are returnable?

What items are non-refundable?

Are there any charges for return?

How do I return?

How soon will I get my refund?

What if my refund is late or missing?

What type of shipping method will you use?

When can I expect the package?

Hardware and App

How do I setup a new BlueSmart mia?

How does BlueSmart mia measure the amount of each portion? Is it accurate?

Does BlueSmart mia help to preserve the breastmilk or formula temperature?

How long will BlueSmart mia's battery last? How do I charge BlueSmart mia?

How does BlueSmart mia measure the temperature? Is it accurate?

How does BlueSmart mia measure the feeding angle?

How do I turn BlueSmart mia on and off?

Where can I download the app?

How do I connect BlueSmart mia to Wi-Fi?

Does BlueSmart mia support Bluetooth?

How does BlueSmart mia send a feeding reminder?

When we're in different time zones, is the feeding time data displayed in the BlueSmart mia app based on my time zone or that of my baby?

Can BlueSmart mia be used when not connected to WiFi?

Can BlueSmart mia be used outdoors?

Can I invite my family members or caregivers to share feeding data? Is there a limit on the number of people I can share with? Can I remove invited caregivers?

How can I share my baby's feeding and growth data with the pediatrician?

How does BlueSmart mia create a custom feeding schedule for my baby? How can I modify it?